simek said:
MasonADC said:

I’m not sure what you are trying to say. Evergreens are that for a reason, they sell forever. Third parties game come and go, just like on other systems. 

Im trying to say that third party success on nintendo machines is always mediocre compared to succes of third party games on other consoles. Its really hard to be even as half as succesfull as nintendo is on their own platforms.

That's understandable though, considering the quality of their games.

Also, just look at Sony this generation. Even CoD or Fifa are slowly having trouble keeping up saleswise to Spiderman or The Last of Us, for instance.

First party games are meant to attract gamers to your respective platform. And to achieve that, they need to make them as good as possible. The lack of such exclusives is why Microsoft couldn't hope to recover this gen and is the reason why Sony managed to catch up last gen.

Some third party titles/franchises are hugely popular, like the aforementioned CoD and Fifa. But with all the gaffes their publishers are doing to alienate their playerbase and milking them to death, I think that more and more players are avoiding those and look for the first party titles which are complete games at launch (I'm looking at you, Anthem! And all those other GaaS with long roadmaps and little initial content!) and don't try to rip you off at every corner, instead just being fun to play.