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TomaTito said:
Doctor_MG said:

What's the point of sequels for products practically no one had the opportunity to play?

I own a Wii U now, so I do have the opportunity to play these, but many people don't. In all honesty, I'd be much more likely to play these games on the Switch than the Wii U anyway. Especially Xenoblade X.

A sequel would normally improve the gameplay and scope of a game... but obviously this would be case by case dependant.

As for Xenoblade X, as dunkey would say, "Who gives a shit, it's an RPG, boys. Story doesn't matter. It's ALL about the action baby."

@d21lewis: No worries, everyone can have fun with MK8 now, I'm just more been there done that.

I don't know, the completionist in me wouldn't want to buy a sequel without playing the original. Unless it's a sports game. But, not everyone is like me.