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0D0 said:
Shiken said:

I defended the PS4 when it had nothing to play in its 1st two years, so dunno what you are talking about.  I swear I have officially been labled every type of "company warrior" on this site lol.  Maybe I need to take up phone gaming and make it truly complete.

But really, I just know BS when I see it.  When you claim that you are only talking about your personal taste and not overall, and then immediately contradict yourself by claiming that Nintendo has droughts on a regular basis as fact, well you pretty much negate your entire premise.  The Switch has only had one real drought, and I already mentioned it.  There was none in 2017 and looks to be none in 2019.  And it is not like there has not been Sony droughts as well, as I went through it when PS4 was my sole primary for the first 4 years of its life.  But what do I know, I am just a Nintendo warrior according to you.

My personal opinion: PS4 has much more variety than Nintendo. I don't have anything to play on Nintendo. Including considering the last 10 weeks. PS4 is just ruling the last 10 weeks in terms of solid releases. That's what I replied in the first place to the user who made that wonderful list of releases.

Then you said this: "your claims that Switch lacks variety and offers nothing to play..." Well, I've never claimed that.

I did not get here and said "Hey guys, guess what, Nintendo offers nothing to play and that's a fact". Never claimed that as fact. Never.

But since it seems to me that you want a claim, here's my claim: Nintendo is the queen, king and lord of draughts.

Now you can debunk my claim all you want, write a white paper, I don't care, not gonna discuss this anyway.

But, as a matter of fact, the claim that Nintendo is top 1 in draughts is totally different than I personally don't have anything to play on Nintendo. Can you see the difference?

Besides I was just replying to someone who post a list of solid releases of PS4 and I commented that that's why I love PS4 and I've got no love for Nintendo. That list summed up the reason I prefer PS4. And preference is personal. It was an innocent reply to someone. Not claiming anything. So, relax and get out of my excitement for PS4 and all its wonderful releases that makes me so glad.

This is highly subjective. For me for instance, there's nothing on Playstation that I want to play - but I don't go about and say that the console haz no games. But on the Switch, I wind new games almost every month.

Nintendo is only the king of draughts if Nintendo has to do all the support themselves and PS4/XBO multiplats are counted in. Otherwise, if we would judge each one only by their first party support, Nintendo would be the Prince of Droughts, Sony the King of Droughts and Microsoft fucking Arrakis.

Playstation had a very lackluster launch period and up to 2 years into launch, too. The thing is just that that was still much better than what the XBO and especially the Wii U had to offer. The Switch had both more and better exclusives, but that got countered by the fact that many 3rd party publishers took a "wait and see" approach, only starting to release more games now after they got to port and develop some titles from their late starting positions. But in total, I would say their lineup is about even.