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Jranation said:
- Definetly Tokyo Mirrage Sessions
- I would like Nintendo land to be added. They have nice local multiplayer minigames. But I think some of them will not work because of the - gamepad.

I am surprised that W101 is not on the Switch yet. If they are not planning a sequel surely they can port it and wish that it would perform better.
Same goes for Pikmin 3.

The Wonderful 101 might be because it belongs to Platinum as far as I know, so it would be their responsibility to port it, not Nintendos.

Yeah, Nintendoland is a but tricky. After all, it was meant to showcase the gamepad and asynchronous gameplay (the Yoshi game  where you to draw a path but the obstacles were only visible on TV comes especially to my mind, which doesn't really work otherwise), but most games should work on a Switch.