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thismeintiel said:
I loved the two previous trailers, but this one wasn't that great. I hope to God they don't play up the cheesey jokes/quips, like the intimidation (in another recent trailer) and the damn straight lines. I also hope they don't keep repeating the theme about it being Godzilla's world/us joining him. The one line from Wantanabe about us being his "pets" was great, but now we have four other lines repeating the same basic thing in one trailer. Once is enough. Anymore than that and it makes it feel like the director thinks we're freaking stupid and don't get it.

As long as they give good equal time to the stars of the movie, I care less about any of that.  My main mission is to see iconic creatures do what they do best and whatever the humans do is hopefully stay as much out of the way as possible unless they are fodder.  Godzilla and all of these movies were very cheezy when I grew up so I really do not care if they continue with some cheese.