UltimateUnknown said:
Welcome to modern day gaming I guess. This is not a PS4 issue, but a result of more and more games heading towards becoming live services with constant updates.

The best thing to do is add on a larger external hard drive (500 GB is simply not enough nowadays) and abuse rest mode to install updates in the background while you're not playing. If you just play SP games, then you can still play the game while the update is installing in the background.

Agree. It's not a PS4 issue, it's a 21st century gaming issue.

It doesn't bother me too much tho, I don't play many games, so I just need a bunch installed.

PaulGaleNetwork said:
That is a true, unfortunate thing about modern day platforms. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, I recommend one based off of the quick pick up and a play nature, as well as the plenty of exclusive title that offers.

I guess one will not just move to Switch just because it's got to wait for install and updates. There are much more to consider when choosing a console.

Switch could be as fast as the Flash and it still doesn't cater to me at all with a few exceptions.

God bless You.

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