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HandofPrometheus said:
And all they had to do was to make movies where the characters resemble themselves and hire competent movie makers.

Snyder is a competent film maker, but only when the source material genuinely fits his particular dark and gritty style. It worked great for films like Watchmen and 300, and could’ve been good for a solo Batman film, but not for Superman. WB at one point seemed pretty set on having Snyder do 75% of the DCEU films, which was likely their biggest mistake. Dark and gritty is cool, but not for every single film. Hopefully they’ve learned after Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam that they can have a solid universe of films, that see critical acclaim and do good at the box office, that weren’t done by the same guy. I hope the DCEU continues, even if they have to forget certain films they’ve already done.

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