JSG87 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

With that upcoming game lineup starting June? I don't think that's impossible at all. XBO will probably slump even further down while the Switch will most probably have it's biggest summer yet. I do think in spring the Switch sales will slow down a notch, but will rebound after Super Mario Maker.


Also lol, buying an entire console just for the controllers ^^

I was pretty much thinking the same thing. From the end of March onwards it should be much easier.

Would be cool to see, it's just that normally all systems suffer a slump in sales during the summer months I think. I'm not saying anything bad about the upcoming games for the Switch, I've got FFVII becoming playable in 3 days and Cuphead unlocking for me next month :D I'm at 202 games on my Switch now so I'm definitely in no need of more titles heh, my 400GB micro SD is already full

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