Ganoncrotch said:

another 180k chipped off the X1 lead over the Switch. If that rate was to continue (which is very unlikely during the summer months for the Switch to be capable of selling high enough figures to maintain it unless the X1 sells negative amounts of systems per week) then the Xbox1 lead will last pretty much exactly one year more over the Switch, I think unless there is some major hardware revisions dropped from either camp it will probably happen during the 2019 Christmas period where I think the Switch will shift close on to a million per week while the X1 should be mostly done by then.


Did consider it quite a bit just for the Controller for my PC :D

With that upcoming game lineup starting June? I don't think that's impossible at all. XBO will probably slump even further down while the Switch will most probably have it's biggest summer yet. I do think in spring the Switch sales will slow down a notch, but will rebound after Super Mario Maker.


Also lol, buying an entire console just for the controllers ^^