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V-r0cK said:
curl-6 said:

I can see them not porting this OR mainline COD to Switch tbh, publishers often show an incredible lack of rationality where supporting the Switch is concerned.

I mean come on, the Wii got 5 COD games and even the Wii U got 2, and the Switch is a more suitable platform than either of them.

Well ya I can see Activision not porting anything as well.  But if Activision wanted to 'test' the Switch seems like the best/laziest thing they'll do is port this game.  

Publishers are all over the place with Capcom doing lots of support one day like a king....then the next day they may support depending if one of their games does well.

Yeah this would be a really easy port as not only does it already run on mobile architecture but it also likely runs on phones weaker than the Switch. And agreed, third party support is about as even as an emo's haircut, even in cases where there's no good reason to skip the Switch. I mean I get games like Red Dead 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 skipping the system, nobody in their right mind expected those, but no COD, no new Monster Hunter, no Overwatch, no Spyro Reignited, no GTA5? Those just make no sense.

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