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The_Liquid_Laser said:

3.  Yeah my daughter used the motion control set-up and I used the Wii U gamepad.  She was pretty used to motion controls from Wii Sports, so she could handle Hyrule Warriors just fine as long as I was aware of the objectives.  All she had to do was beat stuff up.

I just checked and saw the OP's kid is a toddler though.  That is a tough age for video games.  The only thing my daughter could play that young was 2D Mario and maybe Wii Sports (though that came a bit later).  Even Mario Kart is too advanced for a toddler.  2D Mario is magic though.  It really is a game for everybody.

EDIT:  Actually with the guardrails setting on Switch's Mario Kart, I think a toddler could play it.  Also Valkyria Chronicles is turn based but it has a real time elements to it, so that is why I suggested it.

@ Bolded

So I got Mario Kart and just walked in on my son playing it (very poorly, but enjoying himself nonetheless), completely of his own volition. Proud parent here XD