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Eagle367 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

 First bolded :My speculation was more about that the age groups that buy switch consoles being similar to ps4 can translate into switch having the smaller pool of adults for its market because playstation games are more attractive for a bigger number of adults or that is how they are marketed/made.

Second bolded: Your own analysis consists out of you guessing and telling us you do not understand how the sales work so its must be the market having no reason to do things?

That is a fair,but i would not call it that much more coherent than what i typed down.

April will reveal the accuracy of these Europe sales. But I am excited to see how close to 20mil they get. At the vrve least, Japan and US are considerably up year over year and last year was no joke in terms of sales either

Im curious about that too, all things considered i do think the switch is doing really well and im rooting for it to keep being the console that people can buy in symbiosis with other consoles.

Also Nintendo exclusives have a great way of using nostalgia while also intruducing new gameplay elements into their new main titles,its innovative and yet familiar and i love them for it.