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Pemalite said:
I can't get past the question of: ...Why?
Surprisingly doesn't look to bad visually, basically what I expect from 7th gen games but with improved post-processing.

Nah, especially not in terms of polygons. I pulled a little GameXplain on the video and analyzed the pictures more closely.

This game hits the polygon ceiling pretty hard, which is very visible if you watch the trailer in full screen on your PC/TV/whatever. The textures are brighter, but not anywhere near high res. Even early PS360 titles did better in that remark - they just had very bland colors compared to the much more vibrant ones in the trailer. The textures are also very uneven, the characters are okayish (pretty much as we say in Luxembourg: beautiful from afar but far from beautiful, at closeups they look really crappy bot otherwise okay), but the vehicles are extremely bad looking, even PS2 did better back then. just compare the shooter in front of the car with said car at the 22 second mark, or the hilariously crappy graphics of the car at 00:19.

In other words, that's closer to a Call of Duty Wii HD upscale than PS360 visuals. But the small screen couple with fast-paced action will cover those flaws pretty well.

Knowing Activision, I expect you'll need a state-of-the-art new phone for those visuals, and crank them down quite a lot on more mid-range phones.