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Eagle367 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Because that trend can translate in less people adapting to consolegaming from an early age,an age that those people normally get a nintendo console and when being older they just immidiately jump to the more mature console being the PS4 so that could explain PS4's gangbuster sales in comparison.

Just speculation ofcourse. :p

Edit: Although the switch sales look fine to me,also worth noting they come from the lesser userbase that was the WII U.

That's horse shit and you know it. Nintendo themselves revealed the biggest group of switch buyers is 20-35 year olds. The switch is made for the age group you're describing

So Nintendo themselves confirmed that there are not many new young consumers while the age group they mentioned can very well have alot of last gen nintendo adapters and you think that is information against my speculation? :p

Bolded: Dont go that fanboy route on me,i have always liked the nintendo brand and i do not see it changing so as i said i am just speculating on the cause of these kind of sales.