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d21lewis said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:
Honestly before the documentary I was on the fence about MJ, afterwards and doing a bit of research on guys making the claim (who happen to being suing the estate for 100s of millions) I now believe he's innocent. The documentary was extremely one sided and if you were to only watch it and not do any further digging, its easy to fall prey to their compelling and graphic story.

There are so many holes in their story upon further research. One factoid that sticks out in my mind is Safechucks's mother claiming she was so happy when she learned MJ passed. "I was so glad he wouldnt be able to hurt anymore children". Um yeah MJ died in 2009, but Safechuck claims he didn't realize he was abused until 2013. Is she a time traveler?

His mom said that, during the 2003 trial, her son told her what Michael did but he still love him. He made her swear to be quiet. It's all in the doc. Safechuck thought it was love, not abuse. Even when Michael died, he still loved him.

And people are quick to forget that it was partly these guy's testimony on behalf of Michael that kept him out of prison in his other cases.

What kind of Mom, swear to a child that was molested by a grown ass man, not to reveal such a thing in a court of law.  That story in itself sounds off the charts crazy.  I cannot think of any parent caring if their child believes being molested by a grown ass man is OK.  Unless, MJ dropped some millions for them to keep quite that whole story doesn't hold up at all.