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omarct said:
I knew he was guilty the moment he said he slept in a room alone with these boys without any cameras and behind closed doors. Even if he was "super naive"( which I think is BS), he still has lawyers and adults around him that could tell him that he needed to have cameras and whatnot in case he ever needed prove of his innocence. He obviously didnt because he knew it was wrong and fucked up, and he was fucking these kids.

Reminds of me of when I was 15 years old and I would go to my 17y/o cousin's house during summers, we would hook up, and at night would try anything we could to sleep in the same room with excuses like we wanted to play videogames together or whatnot. I remember 1 year her mom kinda started seeing what was going on and wouldnt let us sleep in the same room together anymore. I remember her mom always praising how close and friendly we were, well it was for a reason because we had a hidden relationship, its crazy that it took her years to realize it and only because we started making it too obvious after a while.

So you jumped to that conclusion based purely on anecdotal quotes without any concrete, indisputable evidence to back it up? Yeah, seems legit.

Funny how you either didn't know or neglected to mention how Michael Jackson's room was the size of a duplex which he, unwisely, allowed entire families sleep in it, not just the kids, but their families as well including their parents.  21:07 - 21:36 mark

So no, he didn't sleep in a room alone with boys. Macaulay Culkin has attested to this and swears to this day that Michael never did anything to him. - 20:51 mark. 

And as for that interview documentary in 2003, the one that PREDATES the 2005 trial where Michael was acquitted and cleared of all charges in resounding, convincing fashion because the case against him was so laughably bad to the point where the prosecution was fabricating and forging their own evidence before the trial even started: - 4:23 - 5:05 mark. Refer to my earlier comments in my original post, it showed that Michael definitely had a few screws loose and was very ignorant, but BY NO MEANS did it mean he was a pedophile. It meant he was a grown man with the mentality, naivety, and ignorance of a child because of not having the average childhood due to the demands of adult stardom in combination with abuse he suffered from his father.

And here's the difference between documentaries by the media and the judicial court system and criminal investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The former is incredibly biased on the issue and tried to paint the picture to get people to fall for the narrative that he was a sexual predator so that they can sell more newspapers, make more money, and get more money out of his estate. The latter looked at every piece of evidence that was on the table from an unbiased perspective, in both the 1993 and 2003 allegations. And both times they found NO concrete, legitimate evidence whatsoever that could support the prosecution's argument that Michael Jackson molested kids. 

"all logical investigations has been conducted and no leads remain outstanding, it is recommended that this case be closed administratively." - 1993

"There are no outstanding leads or evidence items." - 2004

It's pretty damn telling that the latest accusers this time are two people who have a proven track record of lying and changing/contradicting their stories. One of whom "suddenly realized" he was molested AFTER he was rejected from working as part of the Michael Jackson "One" Cirque de soleil show in Las Vegas.