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d21lewis said:
shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, he looked like a Vampire crossed with Joan Rivers for the final 10 years or so of his life, lol. Lil Wayne would be an improvement for sure. 

Yeah. But "in his prime" he looked pretty friendly and nice. His appearance in the 70s probably would have been more off-putting for mainstream America.

Even "in his prime", 1982-1984 when Thriller was dominating charts, breaking records, becoming the best selling album of all-time (which it still is to this day), and he was on top of the world, he was already getting vilified, antagonized, and attacked by the media because he was a black man who was achieving levels of success, fame, fortune, and stardom on par with Elvis Presley and The Beatles. (So imagine how unbelievably pissed off those people were when Michael bought the ATV/Sony Music Catalogue in 1985 that included the rights to all the Lennon-McCartney Beatles songs. That's an entirely different can of worms that warrants its own discussion for another day.) The media had it out for him even THEN. It was in his prime in 80s where the "Wacko Jacko" nickname started. So, of course they would double down when he, either voluntarily or involuntarily, definitely ignorantly, added fuel to the fire with his cosmetic surgeries, paling skin, and child-like behavior and mannerisms.

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