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PortisheadBiscuit said:
d21lewis said:

His mom said that, during the 2003 trial, her son told her what Michael did but he still love him. He made her swear to be quiet. It's all in the doc. Safechuck thought it was love, not abuse. Even when Michael died, he still loved him.

And people are quick to forget that it was partly these guy's testimony on behalf of Michael that kept him out of prison in his other cases.

I don't buy that for one sec, what kind of mom obeys her child to keep quiet in such a situation?

And no one is forgetting these guy's testimonies in the previous case(s), that's one of the main reasons people don't buy their stories now. 

Especially when the person who allegedly did this to her son is undergoing a criminal trial for the exact same crime committed to another child, where if he was convicted of all counts and charges pressed against him, would lock him away for 25 years. Not to mention ruin his entire career and reputation in the process. 

If there was ever a time to put Michael away and expose him as a pedophile it was that trial. Not only was Michael acquitted of all charges, he was acquitted RESOUNDINGLY.