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trestres said:
Congratulations to Nintendo once again, this is indeed one of the greatest pieces of entertainment the industry will ever see.

I can't express how I felt since the day this game was hinted at, and how little they shared until the official unveil. That built up my expectations like no other game did.
So, I was concerned about my expectations getting blown out of proportions and ending up disappointed with the final product. Final resulñt was all the opposite, my hype should have been many times greater than it was. This game blew my mind in ways only Ocarina and ALttP did. It's up there, top 3 of all times for me.

I was able to relive that feeling that we all do when we are small children, that of awe and surprise, followed by pure joy. No game had made me feel that way since I was a kid, Many came close, but this time I felt it once again in a pure state.

The ambience, the music, the lack of boundaries, the little secrets, the small details, the freedom. This game is a true piece of art.

Was also my last WiiU game but I have purchased it for Switch as well, so will give it a go very soon. Are there any change among the two versions I should be aware of?

Thanks Miyamoto and Nintendo for the Zelda universe. To a great future.

I had that exact same feeling. It was such an amazing experience!