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If we’re talking about memorable moments. The first bit of exploring that world is a very rare treasure of a gaming experience.

Some other moments:
• Kakariko Village, which was my first town, and all the stuff along the way.
• Arriving at Hateno battle field and fortress, and exploring the region.
• The first time I saw a dragon.
• Gerudo City, from the moment of exiting that huge canyon region, to finding the pond with the exiles ad outsiders, to getting inside that city. The place reminds me a lot of Skies of Arcadia somehow, the city of Nasrad: except with cross dressing.
• When the update with the trail tracking came out, finding and exploring huge areas I didn’t even know existed in Hyrule - as someone mentioned, especially in the lower layers of the world.
• I think seeing a bear for the first time too.
• Reaching that snowy field and riding around on it practicing with my bow.
• Learning how to hunt Guardians. When I figured out that chopping their legs off works wonders!
• Random little bodies of water, especially around Kakariko.
• Finding the Durian patch in Faron.
• Various random adventures through the wilderness on horseback, exploring areas I haven’t been with absolutely no goal in mind, but I find lots to do regardless (except for that area behind the North-West side of Death Mountain where it is a lot of repetitive landscape, even the back of Hebra.
• Discovering a new stable something like 240 hours in. I thought I had long ago discovered all of them.
• Watching my kids play the game and see where they went and what they did first after leaving the plateau, but even on the plateau; how they learned the game.

I think part of the beauty of this game is I know there will be more moments to come.

And I don’t expect another Zelda game to wow me the way this one did ever again. The only thing I can see that I’d potentially like more than this experience is some kind of a massive land expansion and perhaps a civilization building game of some sort. But I fear they’ll listen to the “put in dungeons that are just like those of the last few 3D Zelda games, make the game more like older games.” and I know there is no way I would like that as much, because I am burned out for life on those kinds of dungeons. My least favourite part of Breath of the Wild were the dungeons inside the divine beasts (though I looooved the initial battles immediately before entering them). I am significantly more interested in the overworld development. If there is one thing I would have liked more of in BotW, it would be more villages, and maybe 1 or 2 more cities on the scale of Hateno and Gerudo. I felt a larger scale winter city was missing, they did have that larger than usual stable, but I felt maybe something a little bigger would be nice, like Icicle Inn (the winter city in FF7). Something really cool in Faron along the lines of Frontier Village from Xenoblade would have been fantastic! Although they did have Rito Village, but it wasn’t the same.

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