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Machiavellian said:
Neodegenerate said:
What this thread has taught me: When a fighting game not named Smash releases it is holding back content so they can sell you characters later. This is regardless of if the game is something like an NRS game with a 6-10ish hour story mode. Smash released complete, despite its DLC pack for 5 fighters for 25 bucks.... which is comparable to the 30 dollar 6 fighter season passes that the other "incomplete" game is selling.....


Why do people keep throwing Smash into the mix.  Smash is no way the same type of fighting game as Dead or Alive or any of the one vs one fighters.  Do you actually believe that one fighting stage in Dead or Alive takes the same type of effort as a fighting stage in Smash.  Hell you can also throw character development as well, move list, animation and effects.  Usually when a fighter is released on any of the other fighters they also come with their own stage and multiple costumes.  Also, lets not talk about Smash story mode as you are not doing the same thing over and over again but with some cutscenes in the middle.

Smash is a 4 player 2D brawler which is not in the same category as Dead or Alive and definitely cannot be compared in the same scope of effort.

You are a bit more worked up about this topic than I am.  To correct one thing though, Smash is a game built using 3D models.  It is just presented by the camera as a 2D game because that is the aesthetic and feel they are going for.

You also may have misquoted me here.  My post is pointing out the hypocrisy of some people who are swearing off fighters with DLC practices but simultaneously singing the praises of Smash Ultimate, another game with DLC practices.