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RaptorChrist said:
Machiavellian said:

Even back in the day and I have been playing games before Doom, there were Add on sold for the main games.  I do agree developers use to give away content for free back in the day but then they found out that was a problem.  When you give away content you work on for free then the expectations as we see in this thread is that developers should always give away content for free.  Gamers become entitled believing every developer can sustain this model and when you do want to sell content, they get an attitude and get all upset.  Also back in the day, the cost of a developer per head was not as expensive nor the amount of hours it take to develop, QA and test content (so many bugs back then).

I believe the reason issue if we are discussing this game is how you price your extra content, not that extra content should be free.  Most developers probably do not have a say so much in this process but the publisher instead.  Even then, if they really want to maximize purchases, doing incentives that promote customers to purchase the content is always a good move.  Something along the lines like if you bought 3 DLC for our games you get the next one free, stuff along those lines.  I guess it would be easier if these companies had their own store to do those things but not sure if PSN and XBL allows such models.

I respect your opinions, but I think that people who share your views are enabling this type of behavior to occur within the industry. As consumers, it's in our best interests to resist the abuse of things such as loot boxes, pay-to-win, etcetera, or else it would become the norm.

If Nintendo decided to implement pay-to-win loot boxes into the next Zelda game and it became the most profitable Zelda game ever released, that would suck in my opinion. And sure, you could sit around and say things like "the Zelda devs need food on their plates", but I'd be saying "screw that, they ruined Zelda".

You have me confused.  I stated that extra content should not be free and the expectation that it should be free is wrong.  If a developer wants to give away content for free that's great but not all developers have that luxury and stating one dev did this so they all must do it is wrong.

As far as loot boxes, pay to win or anything like that, I have not given an opinion.  What we were discussion has nothing to do with those models since none of them apply to this game.