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Mandalore76 said:
Machiavellian said:

Maybe its just me.  I hardly ever look at DLC because I never buy it.  I purchase pretty much all fighting games because its my first love as far as games go but DLC has never been a thing I cared about.  My first and only concern is the main game is complete.  If that is the case it gets my money.  Any other extra stuff I consider fluff and not worth my time unless its priced right.

My gripe is that I always see gamers complain about developer supporting their game and actually charging for extra content believing it should be free.  The content should not be free because the work creating it isn't free.  Price is another thing and each developer has to pick the right sweet spot for sales.  If the price is too high then the community as a whole is at fault for supporting it.  

The problem is that gamers born pre-2000 know that a lot of the things sold and celebrated as "extras" today are things that were part of the actual games years ago.  Unlockable/hidden characters, alternate costumes, etc.  Those were all in game to be unlocked as a reward for playing.  Today, these things are carved out and sold back to the consumer at additional cost.

Show me a pre-2000 fighting game that had 20+ characters and 20+ costumes for each that retailed for what would be the equivalent of 60 dollars today.  You can't.

Also, to say that additional characters -  that in some cases are being added to a game years later - are "carved out" is a bit disingenuous.  Especially when you also consider that player retention - now required based on increased development time - is an issue with the used game market as it is today.

Fact is that game development is more expensive today, things take longer, and in some cases they are selling the games today for less than they did in yesteryear.  I recall the original Killer Instinct on SNES costing $70 which adjusting for inflation is about $118 today.

Is the practice a bit silly?  Sure.  Would you rather them start charging $100 for the base game and not adding DLC?  I sure wouldn't.

Last edited by Neodegenerate - on 04 March 2019