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Mandalore76 said:
Machiavellian said:

Maybe its just me.  I hardly ever look at DLC because I never buy it.  I purchase pretty much all fighting games because its my first love as far as games go but DLC has never been a thing I cared about.  My first and only concern is the main game is complete.  If that is the case it gets my money.  Any other extra stuff I consider fluff and not worth my time unless its priced right.

My gripe is that I always see gamers complain about developer supporting their game and actually charging for extra content believing it should be free.  The content should not be free because the work creating it isn't free.  Price is another thing and each developer has to pick the right sweet spot for sales.  If the price is too high then the community as a whole is at fault for supporting it.  

The problem is that gamers born pre-2000 know that a lot of the things sold and celebrated as "extras" today are things that were part of the actual games years ago.  Unlockable/hidden characters, alternate costumes, etc.  Those were all in game to be unlocked as a reward for playing.  Today, these things are carved out and sold back to the consumer at additional cost.

Even back in the day and I have been playing games before Doom, there were Add on sold for the main games.  I do agree developers use to give away content for free back in the day but then they found out that was a problem.  When you give away content you work on for free then the expectations as we see in this thread is that developers should always give away content for free.  Gamers become entitled believing every developer can sustain this model and when you do want to sell content, they get an attitude and get all upset.  Also back in the day, the cost of a developer per head was not as expensive nor the amount of hours it take to develop, QA and test content (so many bugs back then).

I believe the reason issue if we are discussing this game is how you price your extra content, not that extra content should be free.  Most developers probably do not have a say so much in this process but the publisher instead.  Even then, if they really want to maximize purchases, doing incentives that promote customers to purchase the content is always a good move.  Something along the lines like if you bought 3 DLC for our games you get the next one free, stuff along those lines.  I guess it would be easier if these companies had their own store to do those things but not sure if PSN and XBL allows such models.