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Machiavellian said:

 Why do gamers believe everything should be for free.  The people that make your entertainment do not work for free.


OMG! You're saying the exact same bull that I quoted in my first answer. This is hilarious. Especially from a developper. 

Seriously, we buy a game 60 bucks. Anything, I mean ANYTHING, they add after the release should be free. That is a fact. Same as online. Up to anybody to be a sheep but when I see ppl saying that 30 bucks for a season pass is correct, I truly can't blame the ones saying that the community of gamers is the dumbest one in the world.

Now, a complete game, dlc included is around 100$ at least and ppl are happy with it. Even the ones who don't get everything paid by their viewers. Don't anybody say again that life is too expensive these days. And don't insult us by denying that devs think about dlc way before release. Some announce them almost one year before the release, so...

No joke, if your answer was supposed to make us think that a 90 bucks season pass is not the shameless thing ever, think again.