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Machiavellian said:

The locked away DLC that is on the disk I have to say is definitely shady.  If it can be released on the Disk, then it can be added to the main game.  Thats the publisher/Developer pulling a fast one and definitely garbage.

You mean to say disc.  But it's not a shady practice at all.  If a company decides you are going to pay for a particular DLC, you're going to pay for it.  Since that much is known about the content, then the question becomes how to get it to the player.  If they do not have the DLC files locally, they cannot see the DLC.  If I had DLC costumes, I want the person I'm playing against to also see me using it, and not the default.  Since everyone then needs the files, that means they have to be installed on the Hard Disk or be printed directly on the bluray disc.

Most people never complain about having to download DLC to their hard drive, yet that exact same data that is needed becomes a problem when it's on the disc?  That means less data is on the server, less data needs to be downloaded, and it can be made cheaper since it's not taking up as much space on the server.  It means when you're done playing the game, you don't have the entire DLC on your HDD.

If you are not licensed to use the content, you're not licensed to use it.  Regardless of rather or not it's on the disc, that's not how the law works.  Otherwise everyone would buy the physical disc game to get the dlc for free, which wouldn't be fair to anyone who downloaded the game.  Same exact data, just stored in a different spot.

As an end user, think about it-- it makes no difference where it's stored.

Machiavellian said:

If the only thing you can complain about is online lobbies not being there then I would consider that a ding more than being incomplete.  Incomplete would be not having a fully fleshed out character set to play and then charging for the rest via DLC for a full price 60 dollar game.

As for DLC, the company can charge whatever they want for, you vote with your dollars if you believe the price is legit.  There must be someone out there purchasing this stuff for that price or they would never charge it.  I know, I would never purchase it but then again, I barely if ever purchase DLC anyway.  DLC should never be a requirement to enjoy the main game and should always be as it is just more content.  If the DLC is required for continuing or enjoying a game, I do not purchase those products.

Not sure how SF 4 turned out but I did not purchase it until it was complete in my eyes.  I actually enjoyed the seasons for Killer Instinct 

That's not the only thing I can complain about, it's the only thing I chose to mention.  The game has game breaking bugs.  You can fight outside of stage boundaries.  There is no excuse for that.  Bugs happen, but if the game wasn't rushed, that would have been discovered.  Like Yoshimitsu's glitch in Soul Calibur VI.

And yes, the company can charge whatever they want for the DLC. Just like I can call them out for bad consumer business practices, charging more for 60 costumes and 2 characters, than the entire game is worth.  If other companies try this, it's bad.  It's a season pass, mind you.  In 3 months, it's going to be another 93 dollar season pass.

Look at lootboxes, EA, and star wars.  Battlefront 2 is dead.  There will be no battlefront 3.  Yeah, we voted with our wallets.  Now a game is dead.  

So, guys, vote with your wallets.  As if that wasn't what we were going to already do anyway.  Not only am I not buying the DLC, I'm skipping the entire game because of how incompetent this company has been for consumer relations.  And with an acronym like "D.O.A., it can't afford to have something like this happen to it.  This is going to kill the series.  But, at least we voted with our wallets.