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d21lewis said:
Machiavellian said:

Maybe its just me.  I hardly ever look at DLC because I never buy it.  I purchase pretty much all fighting games because its my first love as far as games go but DLC has never been a thing I cared about.  My first and only concern is the main game is complete.  If that is the case it gets my money.  Any other extra stuff I consider fluff and not worth my time unless its priced right.

My gripe is that I always see gamers complain about developer supporting their game and actually charging for extra content believing it should be free.  The content should not be free because the work creating it isn't free.  Price is another thing and each developer has to pick the right sweet spot for sales.  If the price is too high then the community as a whole is at fault for supporting it.  

Truth be told, I kinda love DLC--to a point. Off the top of my head, I've purchased Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Red Dead 2, and Spider-Man deluxe editions without even knowing what the DLCs were. Sometimes they were great. Other times, a little underwhelming. Up to $20 or so above retail, I'm cool. I even bought all of Valkyria Chronicles 2's dlc because the game was so good and I have the season pass for Smash Ultimate despite never really liking the series.

But when it becomes too excessive, it turns me off. Usually it's a game like Onechambara or Shinran Kagura that abuses my love for titties.

-- I also have a sore spot for DLC that is actually already part of the game but the developer locks it away and makes us pay to unlock it. Just doesn't seem honest to me.

The locked away DLC that is on the disk I have to say is definitely shady.  If it can be released on the Disk, then it can be added to the main game.  Thats the publisher/Developer pulling a fast one and definitely garbage.