OlfinBedwere said:
flashfire926 said:
Hopefully a new government comes in to power next year and stops all this bullshit.

From the polling numbers right now, I wouldn't count on that. The two main parties may be about level in most of the polls, but when it comes to who'd make a better PM, Andrew Scheer is polling way, way behind Trudeau. And yeah, I know pre-election polling numbers don't mean everything (if they did, Tom Mulcair would be the country's PM right now), but it's not exactly a good sign.

My prediction? The Conservatives will do a bit better than in 2015, but the Liberals will hold onto power thanks to the Bloc's implosion, and probably also the NDP doing worse than expected.

I think Sheer will win like how Trump may have won, but not by much. I myself really don't like Sheer, and prefer Bernier yet I don't see him doing all that well with a newly formed party, but Trudeau couldn't threaten me to vote for him. If JT would promise to cut taxes in half I still wouldn't vote for him. I most likely will be voting Sheer just to spite Trudeau's liberals. At this point in time most of my friends seem to feel the same way. I'm hoping Bernier can pull a rabbit out of a hat but I see that being even more unlikely than Trumps election.