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V-r0cK said:
Mar1217 said:

Your example doesn't even compare :

1. Trading cards game had always the benefits of the physical value you get from the cards you buy and also the fact they can be actually sold back for money. Lootboxes on the other end no, they're just an amount of numeric data you unlock for a given amount without having the outright possession of it since you possess nothing on the digital side of thing, the compagny does however.

2. Pokémon Go is ... Free-to-play. COD is not.

Wanna imitate other free-to-play models ? You go free-to-play then. There's absolutely no excuse for them doing so then just pure scummery and greed, face it.

So you're saying its ok to have loot boxes as long as your game is free-to-play?

People say stuff like Activision and EA are 'greedy'.  Sure they implemented the tool to TRY and get more money out of you but who's decision is it to actually give them your money??  It's not them.

Am I missing something here?  Does loot box mean YOU MUST give them your money?  Like I said this doesn't change the game at all so how is this really affecting you or those that complain about it?  

In reality there's absolutely no excuse for anyone to complain about this period.  Nobody is putting a gun to your head to buy this lol 

You already paid 60$ for a game plus whatever for the map pack, meaning you paid for the game already. Additional monetisation after that is just greed unless you bring something meaningful.

Loot box mechanics are well known to hot the exact same boxes in your mind and brain than gambling does, hence why there's so much of a push to label them as gambling. So anybody who has a gambling addiction or in a risk to get addicted will shell out tons of cash (and often taking loans just to be able to get their fix) in those games. At least a casino is regulated and only admits adults who don't look too addicted, but videogames don't have those barriers.

@Underlined: So with this you could argue drugs are no problem at all either, as nobody is putting a gun at their head to take those either. And yet these are outlawed due to the effects they have. Hell, casinos are outlawed in many states and regions because the addictions they can cause, and yet you're saying lootboxes, who affect the exact same people as casinos are fine? With such an attitude, you're not putting a gun at their head - you're the one pulling the trigger!