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Wyrdness said:
Nautilus said:

Correction:Gen 1 and maybe gen 2 are really beloved.The rest is just grouped together.Just go out and see what are the usual pokemons that are used for marketing:Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, Squirtle.And so on.Not only that, but only the mainline pokemon games sell well(and their remakes, which are based on mainline games).Most mario games, spin off or not, sell well.You get where I am going with this.

But Ill admit that pokemon is an oddity in the sense on how well it has survived without basically doing anything new.Its probably nostalgia mixed with the pleasure of capturing creatures, which Pokemon basically pioneered.And thats what makes me so sad that its stuck in the past.

According to whom? Just because you may not be into the games anymore doesn't mean it reflects the reality of the situation it's survived and outsells those games you mentioned because it's beloved as well, games like Mystery Dungeon have sold in the range of 4m which was the average for Zelda games for the longest time and a parallel branch in Lets Go literally just sold 10m in 2 months.

Sorry I get the game doesn't match what some people hoped for but this was nonsensical.

Average for Zelda games?4 million?Outsell the game I mention?You mean Mario Kart or Mario Party, which both are Mario spin off games? *facepalm* And Im being accused of being nonsensical...

Not to mention that only one mystery dungeon passed the 4 million mark, and the most recent titles landed around 1.5 million.Which is great, no doubt, but lets not exagerate, shall we?

Look, first of all, I never said the other gens are not liked.They sold well for a reason.But to say that the early gens are the ones that people are most fond of, and by a landslide, is simply a fact.Like I said, just go out and see any marketing for any pokemon merch, especially the ones that target the market as a whole.

And I really dont get it.I really dont get how people cant understand how many users are dissapointed by this.I truly dont.People have been saying time and time again that they wanted to see a BOTW-like game for the first Pokemon game on the Switch, and thats not what we got.This is not a talk about sales potential, and its not a talk about "Its your problem that you expected Gamefreak to actually try.Pokemon games are always like that".Well, fuck the expected.I want more.Its that hard to understand?

I had several conversation with Uran about Pokemon, and those conversations are what should have happened in this thread.Every time I speak with him about Pokemon, he says how much he loves how tradicional Pokemon is, how "safe" it is, and while he loves innovation, he also loves that Pokemon also stay relatively the same gen over gen(outside of the expected bumps and new features here and there).I on the other hand, am frustated how the franchise is stale and that I fell out of pokemon ever since the first two gens, because it is the same thing over and over again with each new installment.But even with those two opossing views, we both understand where we are comming from and understand each sentiment over the franchise.

But here is the opposite.If I show any sign of being displeased about the game, I am lumped in the "hate" department, and that I should have expected that it wouldnt be a big adventure, because thats what pokemon is.And what is most infuriating about this is, and Im pretty sure of this, that you all hate a franchise or other for not innovating enough.

Can you guys just stop jumping to conclusions and start acempting that I might be wanting something a bit more than you?

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.