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Nautilus said:
MasonADC said:

There is no brainwash. There is just no reason to expect more. This game has only been in the works for 3 years when it releases, all while they have had other big games being developed. I know what to expect from this+ GF just now starting Hd Devlopement. If this game came out late 2021, then we would have an issue 

Brainwashed.Trained to expect something less than excellent.Its all the same thing.

Im not trying to say you are necessarily wrong.You are being realistic, even if I hate to admit it.But gaming for me is a hobby that is no longer held back by money(for the most part, anyway).The biggest hurdle for me is time.And Im not going to spend my limited free time on a game that is simply not trying its best, even if its "unrealistic" to expect more.The real issue I have with people here is that Im being called toxic or something along those lines, because I have a "higher standard".

And XC 2 was developed in 3 years, or 3 and a half years, cant quite remember.With a team of 70 or 80 developers.And yet, it felt ambitious.A bit unrefined in a few areas, but ambitious.Gamefreak had a bigger team on this, dealing with a franchise that sells 15 million units on each mainline entry, with a spin off that managed to sell 10 million units in 2 months last year, and they couldnt afford to either hire more people or outsource some of the work?See where I am getting?

Im more than cool with people being happy with this, just dont complain about the ones that are not.Thats all Im asking.

I still don’t see the whole brainwash thing, but whatever. And that xenoblade comparison isn’t the best, considering that they literally just finished working on a huge open world home console game before 2. Also, xenoblade 2 wasn’t exactly the best quality on release, so yeah. GF could outsource a whole studio to help with Pokémon to be super ambitious, but why should they? Don’t get me wrong, I would love an ambitious PKMN game, but it isn’t needed. Criticism is fine, but certain ones still aren’t