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Mar1217 said:
Rest assured, this money is going directly into the pockets of their CEO and investors instead of those who make the games happen, the devs.

Jim Sterling has the right idea: 

Chrizum said:

I did enjoy Black Ops 4 for a while but it's hard to keep enjoying it when the game is constantly screaming at me to spend more money on it. And asking $50 for 4 maps of which 2 are absolutely horrible is just criminal.

Is anyone really surprised, though? It's Activi$ion for sake of fuck. If you don't know to avoid like the plague anything by the evil 4 companies (EA, Acti, Konami, Ubisoft) by now, then you're pretty much inviting yourself to be conned with grindy/money-sucking bullshit or even illegal shit like, I don't know, false advertising. 

When will people learn that Activi$ion is Activi$ion and they'll never change until they stop buying their games (!)?