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Another day, another "fuck Activi$ion" thread. This time, they've added fucking loot boxes to BO4, and they didn't just add them, they fucking snuck them in post-launch after everyone's already reviewed and (sadly) bought the game so it doesn't hurt their bottom line:

Even worse, they fucking LIED about them. They said back in September that any supply drop items would be cosmetic only and they're now putting DLC weapons with in-game advantages in them. This on top of throwing in a $50 season pass, battle pass, microtransactions and RETICLES for a $60 game. *sigh* Activi$ion, do you pride yourself on being fucking criminals in addition to being colossal scumbags? False advertising is illegal in case you didn't know. 

But yeah, this great Reddit user has the right idea:

So Activision has added Loot Boxes to BO4. It is now a $60 game, with a $50 season pass, that also has a battle pass you can buy tiers on, direct purchases in game, and now supply drops. Seriously, stop buying Activision’s Games people.

Glad I didn't buy BO4.