shikamaru317 said:
Wyrdness said:

Read the post above you it's turned the region upside down, it maintains the usual trait in the games where you start off somewhere in the South, because UK most of the major locations are in the South they've flipped the map.

That does make more sense, but still leaves pretty big geographical inconsistencies. Why are their huge snowy mountains between London and Manchester/Liverpool for instance?

I have seen far better fan made maps for UK based Pokemon region. The map that Game Freak went with is very Scotland heavy, with huge chunks of Britain and several major British cities ignored. Isle of Wight and Isle of Man are ignored completely, which is strange because you would have thought they would want at least a few ocean routes. 

It's inspired by UK not a recreation of it same way X/Y was inspired by France, it still applies traits from how the games play out North is clearly later on in the game hence why the Snowy area is there sno/ice based locations tend to come into play later on in Pokemon games.