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RingoGaSuki said:

Just as a quick multi poll of sorts, what are people wanting/expecting??

I mean like

Art Style
Battle system
Catching system
Adventure style
Region base
Release date
Number of new Pokemon

I want

Title: Pokemon (that's it)

Art Style - either a return to pixel art as in Gen V, or more polished celshading as in Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest XI

Battle system- The traditional stuff, get rid of z-moves though. Maybe expand movesets to 5. Return of all standard features like abilities, double/triple battles.

Catching system- straight up traditional catching mechanics, no motion controls

Adventure style - a guided open world, where there is a story compelling you to go somewhere, but the gyms can be done in any order and scale accordingly.

Region base - Australia.

Release date - September.

Number of new Pokemon - 120.

I expect:

Title: Pokemon Amethyst/Pokemon Topaz

Art Style - slightly better than Let's Go.

Battle system- some new gimmick added that just congests battles with more long animations

Catching system - Motion controls shoehorned in, 'the reception to let's go was very positive' hahaha

Adventure style - so linear it may as well be a visual novel

Region base - UK

Story- Go fight gyms, beat bad team in spare time

Release date- November

Number of new Pokemon - 60, as well as 15 new forms for Kanto Pokemon

Outside title and maybe a bit of art style, all of these in 7 minutes only? A bit too hard it seems