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mjk45 said:
John2290 said:

Tits and ass, Mjk45, tits and ass! And we want it now! 

Honestly nothing wrong with making video game characters beautiful or above the reality, it's escapism and it also helps drive artistic motivation. Devs spend years of their lives with these characters and libido is a powerful force for creativity, ending in a finer and better product all around. Making game character ugly for the sake of it is just plain ridiculous for the consumer and the creators and serves only those who don't buy or play games and instead complain about them on social media who somehow end up as a force in our hobby. 

I think you me and Eric are all in agreement that tits and ass is ok but it has to fit the game and I don't think anyone supports ugly for ugly sake or the opposite normality seems a good middle ground that sees all types.

alyx vance and aloy are by no means ugly but they fit the bill for their particular games, now dead or alive featuring fighting nuns in robes and habits is just not right.

At least allow players to collect materials and craft some sunscreen am I right?