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Man, if this is true, this will be a historical moment, the biggest one in decades.

Assuming this is true, it would mean that MS is finally going third party, even if in an unortodox way(since they would still have a console of their own).Having said that, this rumor is simply bonkers, on the highest of levels.

And Nintendo is never putting their games on Scarlet.Like never, especially considering that they didnt do that in gen 8 with the Wii U, and that the Switch is crazy successful.The only thing that I see as a possibility, and thats uber hard to happen and I dont believe in the slightest, is for old Nintendo games to be ported to Scarlet.Like Nes and Super Nintendo games.But again, I fully believe this is a "MS gave up on the console wars and wants to be a service based business" type of thing, in which what MS gains out of it is simply money from subs from Gamepass and from game sales.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.