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For a few months now, performance of this website on my Android phone has been dreadful.  The biggest issue is formatting of the articles. I can usually read the article, but comments are always cut off. This formatting issue is not nearly as bad in the forums, but it does still exist. I cannot read this entire comment on my phone screen right now, as I'm writing it.  There are a lot of other problems, only some of which are tolerable. One very bad one being terrible ad placement that causes unintentional clicks.  That was solved for me when I became a supporter.  There's also a significant problem with the way this site works with the Android keyboard, though I suppose there's a possibility that is limited to my case alone.  It is extremely hard to type accurately in the forums here, but not on any other sites.

At one point in the last year or so, the site was working pretty well on mobile. it was right after the mobile-friendly version launched.  What happened to that?

I'm not trying to be a whiner. I realize that the people in charge of making this site work are doing it essentially as volunteers.  I truly appreciate everything that you all do. But, I do want to make sure that everyone is aware that serious problems exist. They are so bad that I almost certainly would not have become active on this site, had the problems existed when I first started coming around.