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Whatever they say, staying out of e3 doesn't make sense in my opinion, really.. Presence is always presence and even though we can discuss if e3 is still relevant, the thing is, their competition will be there and it's still has a lot of audience. so, they can say they don't go there because they don't want to spend money or they've got nothing to show.. that's sorta fair, but still, they could survive there with 1 big game only and i don't think money's a problem for a corp like them.

Maybe they just don't care after selling 90m and that'd be a fairer answer imo

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

There were three ravens sat on a tree / They were as blacke as they might be / The one of them said to his mate, Where shall we our breakfast take?