Here is an interesting document (in french) from the S.E.L.L. with lots of graphics on 2018 sales for Console, PC and mobile gaming.


Edit for tldr (Thanks Konnichiwa and TheWPCTraveler :) )

konnichiwa said:

Hardware down 2% but software up with 26%

Compared to 2017

Consoles software sales went up with 15% to 2.7 billion euro
PC went up with 10% to 1.27 billion Euro
Mobile up with 22% to 0.95 billion Euro

Not including mobile 33% software sales were physical and 66% was digital. (by unit)

On consoles in Euro spend 54% of the total amount came from digital software 46% from physical software.

TheWPCTraveler said:

Here's the top 20 games, then:

Combined charts:

Individual SKUs:

Note that limited edition releases of games are counted separately.

I assume this is what everyone is most interested in, on top of hardware sales for the consoles.

Lauster said:

Top 20 2018 games sales by platform and by volume are Switch/PS4 mainly
Switch : 11 games - 2,980,730 total units sold
PS4 : 8 games - 3,321,916 total units sold
And just 1 Xbox game in this top with FIFA 19, rank 15, with 185 780 units sold.

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