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Megiddo said:

Oh absolutely, just look at how long poor Yokai Watch 4 and the HD Inazuma Eleven games have been delayed. And on the other side of the ticket, poor Compile Heart looks absolutely lost without the Vita to sell its low budget fanservicy RPGs. Its latest release "Arc of Alchemist" sold just 3,300 copies last week (its initial week) in Japan. That's not a port. That's a new retail release.

There certainly are handheld developers that can make that transition fine, but there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many hurt by the loss of 3DS/Vita development. And I believe that transition is why numerous Nintendo games (Fire Emblem being the latest one) have gotten delayed, sometimes several times even.

Also remember the hybrid nature of the Switch, which means developers have to take into account people playing at home on the TV, as well as on the go, so balancing for mobile and home console style gameplay can also tack on a few extra months to development. I think the further we go into the Switch, the more developers will know how games should be made on the system, and thus have faster turnaround times for future titles. But the first two years of the Switch no doubt had some growing pains for some teams, even those within Nintendo. 

In general though, I don't think mid-budget games will suffer on Switch, not in an era where developers have engines like Unity and Unreal at their disposal. If you've worked with those, you should churn out Switch games no problem. 

Last edited by TheMisterManGuy - on 17 February 2019