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Hiku said:
curl-6 said:

Still haven't made up my mind on this one.

I usually don't buy remastered old games on principle as there has been way, way too much rehashing of old content this generation and I don't want to support this horrid practice, but on the other hand, there comes a point where a game is old and primitive enough that I feel like a remake is justifiable, especially one like this that's over a quarter of a century old and made for an 8-bit portable.

Funnily enough I actually don't mind the art direction (which is unusual as I am very picky about art styles) and since I never played it before, I may actually pick it up. 

Even though I haven't played every Zelda, this one is one of my favorites. If you haven't played it before, you may want to consider it.

As for remakes of games I love, I'm usually all for it. Resident Evil 2 for example was something I always wanted to see.
But what I'm usually not interested in are the remasters of games that are barely 5 years old, that get a bit sharper graphics, and that's it.

Any particular remasters/remakes you have an issue with in recent times?

I guess I just got sick of so many PS3/360/Wii U games being re-released on Switch. I know it's a quick buck for developers but I just got tired of half the system's upcoming release slate being stuff I already played years ago.

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