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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
The Switch is closing in on two entire years without a price cut. The price cut excuse does not work for just one console or another, both consoles could use one and both would probably do a bit better with one.

Who said a price cut was an excuse? I just saw people say the PS4 was doing as expected in conjuncture with its age and price. No one ever said it doesn't work for any other console as far as I rad anyway.  And of course both would do a bit better with a price cut that is a given. How long has it been since the PS4 had an official price cut though? Edit: I found the answer to this question it was Sept 2016 that is became $299.

Also just out of curiosity do you know how long it was before the PS4/XB1 had their first price cuts? Edit: Found the answer to this one as well it was Oct 2015 so nearly 2 years in about the Switch current age.

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