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PAOerfulone said:
So far, Switch has been in first place for every week. Next week will obviously be the PS4 on top with both RE2: Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3. The only question is how much of a boost will it have.

Wasn't there a hardware bundle with KHIII and the PS4? I heard there was some mess up by one of the game stores in relation to taking pre orders for it but not having systems to fullfill them... even going so far as to offer trade in bonus's of the original PS4's.... to then offer those customers original PS4's back in place of their pre ordered KH3 model, for extra cost of course.

But I mean, the fact that there is hardware bundles specific to the game must mean that Sony and SE are banking on it shifting hardware so the boost should be fairly significant next week, it's coupling up some major known brands of Disney and Playstation, doubles the potential customer base their selling to..... should be what the Star Wars games are for hardware too but EA has several dropped Disneys balls on those games.


edit -  Pre order story, it's pretty ratty

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