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Back in 2015 I joined a community site. She was the owner, even if she was just a young girl back then.

We talked about TV, movies, music... I still remember when she was looking for a new avatar, and I send her a image from the main character of Ib. She loved it, even if she was not into gaming.

She loved to read stories. I loved to write. I would send her my stories, and she would read, and says she loved it, even if they were not that good at all.

We had some fights. Some stupid fights. But that would be my fault. Well, mostly my fault.

Sometimes, the site would be empty, but I could still find her online. It looks like she really loved her website. Well, I loved it too.

I once wrote a new story... She was the main character. We posted it on the site, and everybody praised it. Maybe I wrote really well... Maybe she was the perfect character.

She was really happy to help other people in the site. But the truth is that she had depression. Some days she would not eat at all. She was always complaining about headaches...

She would disappear from the website from time to time. A few months ago, she had disappeared again.

Tonight, a friend of mine, who was also a member in the site, called me on Twitter. He told me he had some sad news.

Her family contacted the members from the site, and stated that she had passed away.

Unfortunately, she will never talk to me again.

She will never read my stories again.

As for me... I don't know what my next steps will be


Thanks for reading and sorry my bad english.