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Jumpin said:

While the numbers are impressive, they’re misleading since the number includes all third party sales and revenue. It’s comparing apples and oranges to only apples.

Basically, it’s a storefront on a user base of 90+ million featuring revenue generated by the software of hundreds of companies, against the sales of a single company.

Sony’s game and networking division total fall Q earnings was 7 billion USD, PSN revenue owned by them would be a portion of that 7 billion, and certainly not larger than the 5.6 billion USD in revenue of Nintendo for the same timeframe. As far as I know, Sony still makes most of their gaming income from physical sales, hardware, and peripherals; unless something went terribly wrong, it would higher than 1.4 billion USD for everything else.

While the userbases are different, Nintendo is doing the same thing as Sony. They have a digital storefront and online subscription services. Nintendo's digital earnings will continue to grow as their membership adoption increases as well as digital adoption.