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Soundwave said:

It has a million only because retailers over-ordered them thinking Nintendo was pushing a hit. My Best Buy has a pile of unsold boxes sitting there collecting dust, I believe the original shipment in Japan hasn't even sold through yet. 

You overhyped it a "bit"? You were comparing it to a game franchise that sold like 25-30 million copies, lol. You whiffed on that big time dude. 

I'm not saying Nintendo's audience is HARDCORE BLOOD TITS GUNS audience, it has evolved past 2007 to something new itself, it's a majority adult massive legion of people that have grown up with Nintendo in the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s. We're now nearly in 2020. The amount of people who are Nintendo fans today is monstrous, and they're not little kids that need to rely on mommy/daddy to buy them every game. 

The whole "Nintendo is for babyiez you shouldn't like it becuz your 25 dooood" stigma is over, today's generation doesn't really think like that. Like I said it's the same thing that happened in comics, once upon a time Spider-Man, Captain America were "kids shit" that you were supposed to grow out of. Today it's a multi-billion dollar business driven largely by adults. 

Time's change. Nintendo today has an audience behind it where they can be just Nintendo and not have to be a dancing monkey for casuals that don't really care much for games. They can be themselves today and not be locked into a tiny 20-30 million audience, today it's 100+ million. 

Actually, Labo already sold through its original shipment by the end of last year in Japan. Retailers there have just recently ordered more. The facts still remain, Labo sold well for its first year, and Nintendo will march forward with it whether you like it or not. Also, local store sheves are not a good indicator for a game's success. My local Best Buy had stacks of unsold Smash Bros. Ultimate copies, that game surely must've been a flop /s.

Yes, I was part of the crowd who expected this thing to be an instant phenomenon. But that was mostly personal hype talking. It was only after learning and reading about Nintendo's intentions for it that I adjusted expectations accordingly. Still doesn't change the fact that it did well. 

Adults do have a lot of buying power, but adults aren't all hardcore gamers. The Switch appeals to a wide array of consumers regardless of age, taste and gaming experience.