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32.27 as of Dec 2018 is pretty dang good(based off JapaneseNintendos twitter), as we end Jan its prob over 33m now, which would make it a damn good number for a console thats 1 year 10 months old as of Jan 2019.

Oct-Dec 9.4m is a big holiday, funny it nearly sold more in 3 months than Wii U did its whole life time, silly Wii U, i sill wub you

20m to 17m forecast is a bummer, few people here on VGC called it months ago though, so great job to them!

Those software sales are monstrous, so many 10m sellers. Splatoon 2 will be the next to 10m. MK9 will be the first to hit 20m it looks like.

Pokemon Lets Go 10m? geez, so much for it ''flopping''. If a spin off that ''nobody likes'' can pull in 10m. What is the true traditional Gen 8 going to do as far as numbers go? gonna be insane if Gamefreak doesnt mess it up xD

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