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I was just thinking that both those systems had been the origin of those games I listed and casual gamers didn't jump into the GC or WiiU so much... that said I forgot that Metroid Prime 3 was originally a Wii game and Luigis Mansion 2 was a 3DS game not a WiiU title.

WiiU did get some cool games but it still remains one of the only Nintendo systems I don't have nor do I have an intention to buy it unless I find one in a charity shop for Wii cash, just from a hardware point of view I see it as a Beta version of the Switch which I predict by the next 2 years will have any and all software which was worth playing on it ported over to the Switch running at higher resolutions and of course being a true portable away from the dock.

I was just making fun of the fact that the era I "got into Nintendo" with was the Wii U (I was a pretty big fan of Wii but I was just a wee kid, my formative gaming years were on 360 and eventually a little bit on PS4), arguably one of their worse eras. Wii U had a decent selection of games, but it wasn't enough for me to keep coming back, and a lot of the must-have titles I already owned by the time I had owned the thing for just a couple of months. 

Edit: By the way, Nintendo's stock of 3DS and Wii U games was absolutely god awful. I couldn't get Kid Icarus or Pikmin 3 even though I wanted to multiple times. So yes, bring on the ports! 

I couldn't really imagine the Wii-U being my first Nintendo system or formative gaming years being on the HDTwins, my first console was an Atari2600 back in the mid 80s and my first Nintendo .... was a Nintendo :D it was only later called the Entertainment System but we just called it the Nintendo at the time. The one forgiving point I give Nintendo with the WiiU was that they were one generation behind both MS and Sony in terms of it being their first HD console so both from a hardware and software point for them the WiiU was the equivalent of the RRoD or the insanely costly launch PS3 which as we all know.... had "no gaemz" because Sony couldn't produce games fast enough for it and 3rd parties didn't have a clue how to make use of the CELL at the time, no console manufacturer had a graceful start to HD gaming it's just that Nintendo's entry to the next generation of graphics happened a console generation later than the other 2, if we had seen the WiiU compete against a RRoD'ing X360 or a PS3 which also had a lacking library at the start it would have seemed like a far better potential option for gamers.


As for stock of games.... I'm sorry for you there, I ended up picking up at least 2 copies of Kid Icarus uprising because of how cheap they were here as shops tried to sell off their large boxes (since it came with the weird 3DS stand, I know I picked up one copy of that for sub €5 just in case someone I knew didn't have a copy... they didn't and I'm fairly certain I still have 2x copies of it at least. (as well as the 3dsR4 card) Pikmin 3 I dunno about here in Ireland because like I said.... of all the systems and hundreds of games I own, a WiiU isn't one of them... although I do own a copy of Mass Effect 3 for it and ZombiU because both of them were in bargain bins at points .... think ZombiU was 50cent and I jokingly got it when someone pointed out that the discs were super durable.... so I could use it as a coaster for drinks (I never did, couldn't bring myself to do that to a game)

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?