Cobretti2 said:
VAMatt said:

This is about where I come down as well (I'm also American).  American chicks, as I understand it, tend to think uncircumcised penises are weird.  I don't want my son to have to deal with that.

On the hand, it is cosmetic surgery without the patient's consent.  That seems morally wrong to me.  So, I'm pretty sure we aren't gonna do it.

Yer but isn't it becoming less common now? By the time your son is an adult a circumcised dick may be the weird thing.

Yes.  But, the people in his age group are being born now.  So, those circumcision decisions are (mostly) being made now.

Just to let everyone in on something - while only 60%  of kids born in the US are being circumsized now, the rate among Americans born to American parents is very high.  I don't have an  official number, but I'm thinking 95% or so.  When talking to friends and family about this matter, nearly everyone was clearly defaulting to "yes, circumsize".  In fact, many of our friends looked at us like we're crazy for even considering leaving him uncircumcised.  It's basically only my libertarian activist friends that seem to even have considered not circumsizing.  

Wifey and I have pretty much decided not to have him circumsized.  As I said before, it mostly comes down to consent, at least in my mind.  But, it is a fact that this decision will leave our son with an abnormal penis, relative to people around him.  We don't have to like or approve of the tradition of circumcision here.  But, that doesn't change the fact that it is the standard.   Then again, somebody has to stop accepting stupid traditions, if they're ever going to change......